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What is a PV ?


A PV or Personal Vaporizer is a battery powered Vaporizer that uses Vegetable glycerin and Nicotine with flavorings , they are a simple device that provides the nicotine that smokers desire.


A disassembled cigarette-styled electronic cigarette.
B. battery (also houses circuitry) Notcigs makes custom batteries for the Ecig 
C. atomizer (heating element)
D. cartridge (mouthpiece)

"A mod is a Modified PV—but don't be intimidated! Essentially, it's a standard atomizer unified with replaceable, non-proprietary batteries. In some—like the Buzz or Infinity—circuitry is employed that permits user-selectable,Hit and  regulated voltage output."

The Buzz is a larger version of PV , the Infinity is a smaller more compact PV for out and about town . 


An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is an electrical device that attempts to simulate the act of tobacco smoking by producing aninhaled mist bearing the physical sensation, appearance, and often the flavor and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke. The device uses heat, or in some cases ultrasonics, to vaporize a propylene glycol- or glycerin-based liquid solution into an aerosol mist, similar to the way a nebulizer or humidifier vaporizes solutions for inhalation. Nicotine, if present in the liquid solution being used, is absorbed through membranes of the mouth and lungs.

The primary stated use of the electronic cigarette is as a smoking  device, as it attempts to deliver the experience of smoking without, or with greatly reduced, adverse health effects usually associated with tobacco smoke. 

The possible benefits or adverse effects of electronic cigarette use are a subject of disagreement among different health organizations and researchers. Controlled studies of electronic cigarettes are scarce due to their relatively recent invention and subsequent rapid growth in popularity. Laws governing the use and sale of electronic cigarettes, as well as the accompanying liquid solutions, currently vary widely, with pending legislation and ongoing debate in many regions.

Most electronic cigarettes are designed to resemble actual tobacco smoking implements, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, but many take the form of ballpoint pens or screwdrivers since those designs are more practical to house the mechanisms involved. Most are also reusable, with replaceable and refillable parts, but some models are disposable.

The Buzz is a larger version of PV , the Infinity is a smaller more compact PV for out and about town . 

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